How did the wrong treatment of blood transfusion kill US President George Washington? Vaccines are just as the same wrong

W.Minh Tuan

In a book titled The Complete Book of Presidents of the United States, author Bill Yenne, published by Zenth Press in 2016, wrote about the death of President George Washington, the first President of the United States of America as follows:

On December 12, 1799, Washington fell ill while inspecting his possessions during a blizzard and died two days later at the age of 67. The actual cause of his death was the subject of speculation, guess, although the draw blood out of body, when it was a common treatment, is believed to have caused the death of the president, because about half of his blood was drained out in a short period of time. “

In fact, the doctors in charge of the president’s health did not recommend taking too much blood out of the president’s body, instead, the president himself requested this method, because he understood mistakenly believed that this method would help him recover from a cold.

But this is an incident that shows that White House doctors were quite negligent and irresponsible when they did not tell the president that letting too much blood out of the body would be fatal.

Because even children can understand that if they get injuried, and bleed too much, they will die.

But the White House doctors just blindly followed the president’s will, not daring to explain this simple truth to the president.

Or even these doctors were too stupid and too convinced that the more bleeding, the better.

This dangerous method of bloodletting was initiated by Mr. Galen of Pergamon (AD 129-216), a Greek physician, surgeon, and philosopher in the Roman Empire.

He deduced from the theory of the most famous Greek sage and physician of all time, Hippocrates, that good health requires a perfect balance of four “elements-4 humours” :

-blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

Galen then deduced for himself that too much blood is not good for health, that amount of blood must be balanced with the amount of the other 3 factors.

He then developed his own theory of hemodialysis, drawing blood out of the body.

Galen’s writings and teachings made this dangerous drawing of blood a popular technique throughout the Roman Empire, Europe, and then India and the Arab world for nearly 2,000 years, and killed countless patients.

He borrowed the name of Hippocrates to extend his stupid theory.

For almost 2000 years, there is no doctor in the world smart enough, or brave enough to resist this stupid, dangerous way of doing bloodletting, they just blindly follow this stupid way of doing this of the foolish physician Galen, and perhaps there were many physicians who also blindly thought that this cure was initiated by Hippocrates, not by Mr. Galen, so then they only followed this technique once blind way.

For nearly 2000 years, this stupid habit has killed many patients around the world, even the president of Washington of the United States as mentioned above.

Before the ill-fated president of Washington, bloodletting also killed Robin Hood, the national hero of England in the 12th century.

A church nurse received the wounded Robinhood, and when she learned that Robinhood had robbed her brother of money earlier, she wanted to revenge on Mr. Robinhood, and she practiced drawing blood for Robinhood, so that the blood would be drawing out freely,  to the end of Robinhood’s life.

The stupid doctors of America’s White House did the same, stood by, and let the blood of President Washington drained running out freely until the end of the president’s life, not to stop what this stupid technique before it’s too late.

Over the course of 16 hours, White House doctors let about 3 liters of blood flow out of the president’s body. Any doctor must know that humans only have about 5 liters of blood in their body.

The blindness and stupidity of these White House doctors is truly a crime.

For nearly 2000 years, history has recorded many deaths due to this blood extraction technique, but there is no record of doctors practicing this method of drawing blood on their own doctor’s bodies.

That means doctors only practice drawing blood on other people, but doctors don’t believe in this method, so they don’t dare to draw blood on their own bodies.

The current vaccine is very similar, in the companies producing the COVID19 vaccine, many officials and workers of these companies do not self-inject the vaccine into their bodies.

They only produce and deliver billions of doses of vaccines to the whole world, but they don’t vaccinate themselves, because they’re afraid shitless of these vaccines.

I believe that one day, vaccines will be proven to be as pointless and dangerous as the stupid blood extraction technique.

In fact, there have been many doctors around the world who have opposed vaccines, saying that vaccines are harmful and have no effect at all.

More than 100 years ago, British doctor James Mackenzie wrote a book titled “Heart disease“, published in 1910. Sir Mackenzie cured tens of thousands of heart disease patients and he detailed medical records, treatment in this book.

Regarding vaccines, Sir Mackenzie wrote:

In vaccine or serum therapy, ,,,but so far our efforts have been applied with little success. Horder said that out of 39 cases treated in this way (the vaccine) only 1 recovered, and unfortunately in this case there were no proven microbiology in the blood.”

Our body has natural immunity, does not need any drugs, medicines or vaccines.

If the body is infected or sick, the body will produce its own resistance, immunity to fight germs, disease and heal itself.

But when we take a drug, medicines or a vaccine, and we’re healed, we’re cured, and we assume it’s because of the drug, medicines, or the vaccine.

But it’s actually our natural resistance, not drugs, not vaccines, not medicines.

Sir Mackenzie mocked this misunderstanding as follows:

This is like assuming a starved man’s recovery is restored by a plate of nutritious soup, but assuming the garlic cloves are only used to flavor the soup.”

This is like the Vietnamese fable that the horse pulls the cart, but the fly that sits on the horse’s back says that the fly pulls the cart. !!!.

And the story of this vaccine is like the masks.

People think that masks can prevent corona COVID19, but in fact, our body’s natural immunity is the real factor to prevent and fight corona.

If masks can prevent corona, what is the vaccine for?

And if the vaccine can prevent corona, what is the need for a mask?

If the mask can prevent corona, why has corona persisted for more than 3 years like now?

If the mask can prevent corona, then ask the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden to give the Nobel Prize for the mask. !!!

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) was one of the founders of germ theory, and vaccines. And he was one of the greatest physicians in human history.

But American doctor Henry Bieler (1893-1975) in his book “Food is your best medicine” said that he opposed Paster.

If I ask you, ‘what men do you consider to be the greatest benefactors in history? ”, your list is sure to include the French chemist Louis Pasteur, who was the first to claim that disease was caused by germs, tiny organisms, that were passed from person to person. But what if I told you that I disagree with Pasteur’s germ theory? ”

Dr. Bieler was very brave against Mr. Pasteur, and Dr. Bieler said that Pasteur’s germ theory was false:

“My own research (and many studies done before me) have shown that the germ theory of disease doesn’t tell the whole story, and that pasteurization of milk loses much of its nutritional value.”

Now, in 2023, looking at the vaccine production process on the website of WHO – World Health Organization – we can see that all vaccines have 3 toxic ingredients: aluminum, mercury and preservative.

In all foods, preservatives are basically prohibited, but in vaccines they are allowed.


People around the world should ask their governments about this question:

– Why are preservatives in food banned, but in vaccines allowed?

thimerosal, one of the components of mercury in vaccines, was removed from vaccines given to young children in the United States in 2001.

Some vaccines are ineffective, or even harmful, with adverse consequences after being used in mass vaccination programmes.

Let me give you a few more examples:

In 1976 in the United States, mass vaccination against swine flu was stopped after 362 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome among the 45 million people vaccinated.

You may think that 362 / 45,000,000 is very small, can be accepted.

But not small at all.

Because the CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US has estimated that the incidence of Guillain-Barré disease in vaccinated people is 4 times higher than in people who are not vaccinated against swine flu.

What do you think about the 4 times the danger caused by this vaccine?

Another example.

Dengvaxia vaccine is the only approved vaccine for Dengue disease, but has been found to increase the risk of hospital admission for Dengue by 1.58 times in vaccinated children 9 years of age and younger, compared with unvaccinated children.

This harmful effect of Dengvaxia vaccine led to the termination of the mass vaccination program in the Philippines in 2017.

I wonder why WHO doesn’t collect data on how many people have been infected with COVID19 who have been vaccinated? And how many people are infected with corona without vaccination?

With just this number we can compare which is better? Vaccine or no vaccine.

WHO has 70,000 staff around the world to collect disease and pandemic data, why not collect this important data?

I believe that one day, Louis Pasteur’s theory about germs and vaccines will be proven that vaccines are toxic, dangerous, deadly and destructive to human health, no different from the bleeding extract that killed the US president Washington.

I wonder WHO can do this great judgement on harmful vaccines or not? ///