Otzi Iceman guy who lived more than 5000 years ago also suffered from obesity and diabetes like modern people today

W.Minh Tuan-summarized from sources around the world

We all probably know the famous Otzi Iceman, who lived more than 5000 years ago, whose  frozen body was discovered in the Northern Italian Alps on September 19, 1991, in the Otzi region, near the city of Bolzano, Tyrol province, bordering Austria, discovered by two German climbers.

Scientists use the name Otzi region to name Mr. Iceman.

His body was preserved by ice in the Alps, kept almost intact, his eyes were still intact in his eye sockets, his fingernails were preserved, only his clothes were almost destroyed by time, but recently his clothes has also been restored by scientists to almost the same status as it was more than 5000 years ago.

In this fur coat, thick as well as fur, he looked very warm, rich, could not freeze, and looked quite handsome.

His clothes are made of leather, such as goat, deer, pretty colors, white and brown, black like the natural skin and fur of the animals.

This fur suit of Mr. Otzi looks very expensive, if we buy it today, it would costs several thousand dollars.

His hands have many stab wounds, cuts, gushed, he got a few days before he died, indicating that a few days before he died, he had a fight with someone, and he used some martial art like Kungfu, or Bruce Lee’s Shaolin Temple, to grab an enemy’s blade, but it doesn’t seem to work very well.

But it is clear that he was very brave against the enemy.

A few days later, while he was walking in the Alps, with multiple wounds to his hand, face, and nose from a fight a few days ago, he was shot by a cowardly enemy with an arrow from in the back- what a bitch, bastard- the arrow had pierced his left shoulder. It seems that the enemy, after shooting at him, panicked, ran away and lost their sandals, instead of rushing to stab him.

Scientists are nowadays still searching for the shoes left behind by those cowardly enemies!!!

The case of Mr. Otzi being stabbed, and shot to death with an arrow shows that people more than 5000 years ago had conflict, and enmity with each other, then fight, kill each other.

The belligerence of the human race is terrifying.

But do not blame the people of Mr. Otzi’s time more than 5000 years ago, because after Mr. Otzi’s mummy’s corpse was discovered by two German climbers in 1991, the Governments of both Italy and Austria immediately quarreled that the mummy belongs to me, not to you.

The scientists then used a millimeter measuring tape to measure exactly where Otzi was discovered.

Thanks to that millimeter tape measure, it was discovered that Mr. Otzi was located in the Otzi area of the Italian city of Bolzano, about 96 meters and 0,9909 meters from the Austrian border, less than 100 meters.

So now Mr. Otzi is kept and performed in the Otzi Archaeological Museum in the city of Bolzano – Italy.

This quarrel between Italy and Austria recently, in this 20th and 21st century, showing that more than 5,000 years ago, Mr. Otzi had an enemy, and was killed by an enemy, is not very surprising. .

At the end of August 2023, scientists came to new scientific conclusions about Mr. Otzi, that he has dark skin, not very white, and that his hair is brown, and has very little hair on his head, indicating he had hair loss, or baldness.

His hair remained, rather frizzy, not shiny, indicating that he was not very healthy.

His fingernails have a horizontal groove from the left side of the nail to the right side of the nail, not a vertical groove from the base of the nail to the tip of the nail. Longitudinal grooves in the nails are natural, there is no disease at all, just a manifestation of age, the older you are, the more likely you are to have longitudinal grooves.

As for the horizontal grooves in the nails, it is a sign of some kind of illness, or of stress from fighting with someone, or trauma, or from a diet lacking in zinc.

And most of all, scientists assert that Mr. Otzi has symptoms of obesity, and diabetes, early stage, and possibly cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure.

That is, more than 5000 years ago, people also suffered from the same diseases as modern people today.


Looking at Mr. Otzi’s diet, it can be predicted that he must prone to various types of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, etc.

Studies on the skeleton of Mr. Otzi’s arms, legs, spine, and hip bones show that he has a very good exercise regime.

At that time, there were no motorbikes or cars, he only traveled on foot, walking tens of kilometers every day, climbing mountains, chasing animals, arching, throwing stones, and doing a lot of manual labor. .

That means he has a very healthy exercise regime.

But his diet has problems.

In his stomach, scientists discovered what he ate before he was shot dead.

In his stomach there is red meat, venison, goat, meat fat, even smoked meat—proving that he knew how to make smoked meats, and then bread, barley, buckwheat, and wild fruits, like brewberry,,,.

It can be said that he eats very well, has enough nutrition, but lacks green vegetables, and too much meat, too much fat, too much bread – easy to produce sugar in the blood.

Scientists found no trace of green vegetables in his stomach, indicating that he lived mainly by gathering, and hunting, growing barley, making bread, making smoked meats, but do not know how to grow vegetables, only know how to gather wild fruits.

If he knew the story of Tama Animal Park in Tokyo today, he might have to change his diet to be healthier.

Tama Animal Park on the outskirts of Tokyo, in the Hachioji area, Tama river, has wild animals such as deer, monkeys, elephants, and apes,  chimpanzees,,,, for everyone watch, and even feed the animals.

More than 10 years ago, animal care workers at Tama Park discovered that animals, especially chimpanzees, were suffering from diseases such as hair loss, scabies, itching, colds, flu, fever, cough, sore eyes, toothache, etc, like humans.

The hair is frizzy, not shiny.

It is always the veterinarians who come to treat the chimpanzees, but they are always sick.

Tama park experts have studied, and consulted with animal parks around the world, in Europe, in the US,,, and come to the following conclusions:

It is the wrong diet that makes the chimpanzees sick and unhealthy.

They then changed the diet of the chimpanzees as follow:

First, not allowing visitors to feed the animals anymore, because the visitors always feed the animals and ape with bread, bananas, apples, and yogurt, making them full of stomachs and not eatingt other healthier foods, and yogurt causes many chimpanzees to have diarrhea.

Second, change the diet, feed the chimpanzee more vegetables and tubers, such as carrots, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, green peppers, red peppers, white radishes, red beets, onions, long onion, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, bok choy, long beans, peas,,,.

Third, reduce fruits to 1/3, 1/4, instead increase green vegetables as mentioned above.

Fourth, abandon bread completely, give up yogurt, because it is easy to cause diabetes,-bread, and digestive disorders-yogurt.

Fast results are proven.

After only a few days of eating like this, the chimpanzees in Tama Park were stronger, more cheerful, not taciturn as before.

And just 3 months later, the chimpanzees have completely changed, their hair is more shiny, shining in the sun, no longer hair loss as before, all previous diseases disappeared totally, like magic.

It’s all just the right, natural right diet.

So if Mr. Otzi knew the story of the magic of eating at Tama-Tokyo Animal Park today, he changed his diet, he wouldn’t have the symptoms of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, blood pressure, and his mind will be calmer, there will be no zinc deficiency, no split nails, no baldness, no frizzy hair, and he will have enough intelligence and smart sober to deal with his enemies better, not being killed by the enemy.

Diet affects both physical strength, and mental strength.

Eating too much meat is easy to be violent.

Eating more vegetables is kinder.

But we should not only eat meat, we should not only eat vegetables, but we should eat a balanced diet, we will not get sick, not have bald forehead, not be mentally stressed, not have a crumpled face like Mr. Otzi. ///