Let Mr Biden get the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th shots of new vaccines of Moderna, Pfizer, BioNtech SE, and of the Novavax

W.Minh Tuan

In August 2023, vaccine companies again launched new advertisements for new vaccines, which are more effective against Covid-19, against “new variants”.

The American company Moderna has released a new ad that the new moderna vaccine will be able to help people fight several new variants of Covid-19, more effectively.

The American press reported that “the vaccine significantly boosted levels of antibodies that target the EG.5 and FL.1.5.1 variant”.

But Moderna stops short at variant XBB.1.5.

The Food and Drug Administration of America advices drugmakers to produce vaccines targeting at XBB.1.5 variant, not at EG.1.5, not FL.1.5.1.

Other vaccine companies like Pfizer, BioNTech SE, Novavax now are also rushing and competing to develop new vaccines to get more money from selling vaccines.

All claims that new vaccines will effectively to fight against new COVID-19 variants.!!!

We can see that just 3 years passing since corona COVID-19 outbreak, there have been many vaccines were produced, with a lot of fierce and beautiful advertising, that just 1 dose of vaccine is enough to prevent against Covid-19 for 5 years.

But now, just over 3 years, people have had to get 4 shots of vaccines, and now they are about to have to get the 5th, 6th, 7th shot,,, and more.

But the vaccine manufacturers themselves are afraid shitless of the vaccine, they don’t dare to inject for themself, only induce governments to buy and inject the vaccine for people.

The human body itself has the ability to fight disease on its own, if we are healthy, then Covid-19 and its variants cannot harm us.

Until now, most of the world has been vaccinated with vaccines, about 80% of people have already been vaccinated, so it is not known whether the ability to fight and overcome Covid is due to human natural autoimmunity, or whether of vaccines.

But for example, I don’t get vaccinated at all, don’t wear a mask, don’t stay at home, don’t social distance, I don’t have Covid-19 at all.

Actually, at the end of last year, December 2022, I had a positive corona for about a week, but then it went away on its own.

I consider it a mild flu, don’t go to the hospital, don’t take medicine, just still work normally, exercise normally, walk a few kilometers every day, run 5 kilometers once a week.

Then it’s self-healing.

Why do we human-being not rely on our own natural immunity, and live in harmony with nature, but just rely on foreign vaccines, good effects are unknown, but side effects are already known?

We have known, for example, that many people have died because of vaccination, or after the injection, they have insomnia, headache, vomiting, memory loss,,,,.

All day long wearing a mask, and injecting vaccines, but do not exercise, do not walk outdoors, do not practice sports, do not eat a balanced diet, do not breathe fresh air, just sitting down indoors all day and breathe the cramped, bad, spoiled air of the air conditioner, not going out to enjoy the sun and fresh air, all day drinking beer, wine, smoking, eating processed food, drinking sparkling bottled water, eating potatoes french fries, eat greasy fried food, eat toxic vegetable oils, how we can fight corona Covid-19 and its variants?

Why do vaccine companies not advise people to eat a balanced diet, exercise, but keep advising people to get vaccinated?

Vaccination is actually just like a Vietnamese fable “The fly pulls the carriage”.

The fly sat on the horse’s back, and the horse pulled the chariot. But the fly said, “I just pulled the cart, and the horseman relies only on me.”

Vaccines are the same.

In fact, the natural strength of the body has helped people to win against corona Covid 19, but the vaccine- fly said, “Hello, You horse-human body, it is me the vaccine that wins over Covid-19 and variants, you only rely on just on me“.

So more than 100 years ago, the British cardiologist Sir James MacKenzies (1853-1925), said a humorous stories  that:

There was a farmer who was starving nearly to death, then he was provided with the plate soup of meat, vegetable and tuber, that soup is delicious, nutritious, with a little garlic spice.

It was later said that it was thanks to that garlic seasoning that he recovered, not because of that plate of meat, vegetable, and root soup”.

Now, vaccines are exactly like that.

It is the body’s own immunity, along with balanced foods, sports activities, and healthy lifestyles that help people conquer diseases, and conquer Covid-19, win over varriants, not vaccines.

But the vaccine, like that garlic spice, or like that fly, claims that “No, it’s me the vaccine that works against Covid-19 and the EG.5, FL.1.5.1 variant, XBB.1.5. varinants, not natural immunization”!!!.

Vaccine companies lie shamelessly, brazenly, just for the sake of their dirty profit dollars.

And governments like Biden’s are too stupid, just blindly following the WHO and vaccine companies.

Let Mr Biden get the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th shots of new vaccines of Moderna, Pfizer, BioNtech SE, and of the Novavax.