Many American voters will vote for Mr. Trump, not because Mr. Trump is perfect, but because Biden is boring

W.Minh Tuan

Next year 2024 will be the American election day to choose the 47th President of the United States of America.

As of now, August 2023, former President Donald Trump is the leading candidate among other candidates, even though Mr. Trump has been charged with 3 charges of his misconduct in the past.

If no new stronger candidate emerges, I guess Mr. Trump will be re-elected President of the United States in 2024.

Many Americans will vote for Mr. Trump not because Mr. Trump is the perfect candidate, but because incumbent President Biden is a boring President.

The strongest impression of President Biden during his four-year term is the image of an old man who is weak and confused, even though he sometimes tries to run a few steps onto the stage to show his endurance. But these few runs are just to prove that he is an unhealthy president.

During his four years in office, President Biden hasn’t done much to make the American people happier than under President Trump.

The reason Americans voted for Mr. Biden 4 years ago, is because at that time, people all over the world and Americans were indescribably scared of COVID19, and people thought masks, vaccines, social distancing staying at home, washing hands is an effective way to prevent corona according to WHO advices.

And President Trump is not very interested in wearing a mask, keeping a distance from others.

And especially on a television night, when two candidates Trump and Biden talked to each other, Biden raised the mask and eloquently told President Trump that “Do you know this little mask will save millions of people? America from corona COVID19?”.

This mask has contributed significantly to winning the President position for Mr.Biden.

But after Mr. Biden won the US President, the number of Americans who died from corona Covid 19 was more than during Mr. Trump’s presidency.

And now 3 years have passed, people all over the world have understood that masks, vaccines, social distancing, staying at home, washing hands no longer mean much in the prevention of corona COVID19, but instead, these foolish measures of WHO only harm people’s health, leading to many harmful complications later.

Now everyone has calmed down to understand that the best way to prevent corona COVID19 is to live healthy, exercise, eat right, get out in the sun, breathe in the fresh air outdoors.

Now, it is more and more understood that masks have no effect in preventing Covid19, staying at home only makes the patient worse, and vaccines bring a lot of harmful complications after vaccination.

On Election Day 2024, President Biden can no longer rely on masks, and people can no longer be fooled by masks and vaccines.

The American people do not care much about the personal interests of the President, but instead, the American people care much about how the President benefits the American people.

And second, Americans understand who Donald Trump is, after 4 years of President Trump 2016-2020.

For new candidates, people don’t know much about who they are.

That worries the American people.

Washington Post columnist Colbert I. King wrote that “Will next year’s election be the day of democracy or the day when democracy will die?”

I think Colbert I King was wrong.

Democracy in America never dies.

Former President Donald Trump will likely be the 47th President of the United States of America in 2024 not because democracy will die, but because Mr. Biden is too old, too weak, too boring.

And because there is no better candidate than Mr. Trump.

That is proof that democracy exists, not democracy that is dying.///