Americans have destroyed more than 2000 hydroelectric dams, returning the natural flow to the rivers, to protect the environment

W.Minh Tuan

More than 100 years ago, scientists discovered that using water power in rivers would produce clean energy- Hydroelectricity – both using water power to produce electricity and protect environment at the same time. because it does not have to use coal, does not emit CO2 greenhouse, gas emissions.

That was a great discovery.

Scientists create projects thousands of pages thick, submit to governments, especially in the vast United States, which has many rivers, which are excellent sources of water for producing electricity, recommending to governments that  governments should build dams to block rivers, to make Hydroelectric Lakes.

All governments, all people around the world support these clean energy-hydroelectric projects.

From 1918 to the present, in the 21st century, the United States has built thousands of hydroelectric dams throughout the United States, producing a lot of electricity for people’s livelihood and industry.

All people and governmens blindly follow the advice and recommendations of the so-called Scientists, who have received the Nobel Prize, or have received enough other famous scientific awards around the world.

Until now, since the beginning of the late 20th century, scientists have fallen back on the opinions of the Indians, and of the people living near the hydroelectric dams, who are most Uneducated, many are illiterate, is more true than the opinions of scientists receiving the Nobel Prize.

What is that?

Those are hydroelectric dams that have straightened the flow of rivers, causing all the natural environment around those rivers to be destroyed, changed, both harming the environment and harming daily life of people living near those man-made hydroelectric dams.

All the trees, fish, and animals that lived along the riverbanks that were built by hydroelectric dams were either dead, changed, or had to be relocated.

Instead, strange plants, strange diseases, strange viruses appeared, destroying fish, birds and animals in that area.

In California alone, there are hydroelectric dams built by the Pacific Corp hydroelectric company, which until 2002, have increased the temperature in this region, because water cannot flow freely, cannot discharge heat, so caused the proliferation of strange viruses, killing more than 34,000 fish, mostly Chinook samon, very valuable for local residents here.

One resident in the area told journalists:

The river here is our church, the Chinook samons are our cross. Scientists and hydroelectric dam builders, please understand the close relationship between the river and the lives of our people here. Now, all has been destroyed because of this hydroelectric dam. Trees and fish have no soil to live on. We also have no land to live on.”

Since more than 30 years ago, across the United States, there has been a movement “Let’s return the natural flow to rivers, to protect nature, and protect people’s lives”.

This movement mainly gathers opinions of uneducated people living in the area of hydroelectric dams throughout the United States.

This movement is gaining more and more support and approval from the public.

The opinions of the uneducated indigenous people in the US have gradually won over the opinions of scientists, Nobel scientists, and academic awards across the United States.

And since last 25 years, the United States has begun to destroy hydroelectric dams, to return the natural flow to the rivers, to return the landscape and environment to the lands surrounding the damaged hydroelectric dams, leaving fish in the natural river to live, birds have natural forests to live, and strange viruses, strange diseases, strange weeds have no living soil.

Up to now, in 2023, the whole US has demolished more than 2,000 hydroelectric dams, instead, the US has developed nuclear power, wind power, and tidal power.

What about solar power?

Solar power is as beneficial and harmful as hydroelectric power, because people have to destroy forests, destroy trees, and destroy fields to make places for solar panels, which is also an environmental destructive thing like dams for hydroelectricity.

Vietnam has also been enthusiastically and excitedly build Song Da river hydroelectricity, Tri An hydroelectricity, Da Nhim hydroelectricity,,,.

Let’s look back at the lesson from America.

In Someday, Vietnamese people should also demolish those hydroelectric dams, return the natural flow to the rivers, instead, develop nuclear power, wind power, and solar power that only Just make solar panels on the roofs of buildings, but not deforestation, clearing upland fields to make solar power.///