Heal the tumor in the abdomen with a balanced diet, without drugs, without surgery

W.Minh Tuan-based on the documents of Dr.Bieler

Dr. Bieler was one of the proponents of drug-free healing, for three reasons:

1- All medicines have side effects, are not beneficial to health, and if there is a good effect, only temporary effect, no long-term effect. Even if there is a certain medicine that works well, if you take it for a long time, it becomes poisonous.

2- If we eat a balanced diet, food is suitable for nature, then the right food is the best medicine, has no side effects, and has a sustainable and long-lasting healing effect.

3- Our body has natural resistance. Just eat right, rest, get enough sleep, exercise, sport, be outdoors, get enough sunshine, breathe in fresh air, then our body will be able to fight itself. all kinds of diseases.

The reason that Dr. Bieler came to this conclusion is because when he was young, after graduating from medical school in the US, around the beginning of the 20th century, he suffered from a serious illness. He had to go to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, a doctor who treated him was an advocate for healing with dietary changes, without the need for drugs.

He changed his diet, ate more vegetables, more fruits, less meat, fish, just enough, sometimes he fasted to cleanse his body, and he recovered.

Since then, Dr. Bieler began to do extensive research on nutrition, on the effects of food and drink on the body, and on non-drug treatment.

He has practiced non-medication for more than 50 years as a doctor, has treated tens of thousands of people, has delivered thousands of children, including his own children and grandchildren.

From that experience of treating non-drugs for more than 50 years, he wrote the book “Food is your best medicine“.

Dr. Bieler was not the first to initiate non-drug therapy. More than 2,000 years ago, the Greek philosopher and physician Hippocrates (469 BC-375 BC) once told his students: “Thy food shall be thy remedy”.

Hippocrate also said that : “Nature heals; the physicians is only nature’s assistant”.

In this article, I would like to tell the story of Dr. Bieler treating a small tumor without drugs.

One day, a woman came to doctor Bieler office. Above her collar bone, she had a fibroid tumor about the size of chicken egg, covered with a post-operative scar. She said that before going to doctor Bieler, she had come to another doctor, and this doctor had operated on this tumor, but he dared not to remove it because it is too big, and buried deep in the nerves and blood vessels. So after cut opened it, he closed it and said he cannot do anything more.

Doctor Bieler examined her urine, and found too much of sulphur protein in her urine.

He asked her that recently what she ate every day. She said that she and her husband run a chicken farmer, and recently they can not sell much chickens, so she and her husband had been eating 3 meals of chicken meat a day for many months.

Doctor Bieler told her and her husband that they must stop eating chicken meat for the time being, and also stop eating food that contain sulphur, like meat, fish, egg, vegetables that rich in sulphur like cabbage family, broccoli,,,.

Instead, she and her husband should eat more fruits and vegetables that rich in alkaline, like sweet potato, taro root, lotus root, beets, carrots, zucchini, spinach, green bean sprouts,,,.

After 6 months on this diet, sulphur- free foods, her tumor reduced to half size, after 1 year, it has disappeared entirely.

No any medicine was needed for this tumor treatment.

Another case.

One movie star of America came to doctor Bieler clinic with her big, grapefruit-size of fibroid tumor inside her womb.

She had came to Massachusetts General Hospital, and she had been advised by a doctor there that operation is necessary to remove this tumor.

She worried about surgical, then she came to doctor Bieler.

Doctor Bieler prescribed very simple foods for her, like cooked cereals for breakfast, plain salads for lunch, and cooked non-starchy vegetables for dinner. Animal protein was completely eliminated.

She came back to work in movie making, with every day diet as doctor Bieler advised.

Later, she told her story to doctor Bieler as follow:

“When I travelling every where to paly in movie, I kept diet on string beans, and zucchini, some time piece of bread, butter, banana,,,.And keep working hard on movie.

All of a sudden, 2 and half years had passed and I found myself up in Boston, Massachusetts. And I had realized by feeling my tummy in the morning, that the hard lump had disappeared. I had a real sense of great health and I went to see the doctor who had previously examined me.

He did the examination of my tumor, and found nowhere, he was baffled. He went to look for my previous card to see exactly whether there had been such a tumor, the size of grapefruit.

I asked him: “It was gone, isn’t it doctor?”

He said yes, it was gone, all right, but he still could not believe it.

Then I said to him: “Don’t you want to know how or why? I have been on non-protein diet-no animal protein at all”.

“Well, he said, I think that is ridiculous. But it has disappeared anyway”.

I said to him: “Yes, I know about year and half ago, by you knife”.

I got up and grinned when I left his office, the when I left, I asked him whether he did not think Nature was wonderful.”

After retold this story of this movie star, doctor Bieler quoted an article of Life magazine (December 7th, 1967) about bat habit of eating of us to cause diseases:

The body run on food and oxygen much as an auto /car runs on gasoline and oxygen. But right there the comparison ends. If it is not to stall, or to splutter, the auto must be fed exactly what it needs just when it needs it.

The body’s fuel system, on the other hand, is subject to the whimsical tastes and cravings of its propriety. It can handle extra food when it is already full, and can go without when it is empty.

And it must tolerate surprise doses of gin, smoke and red-hot chili. It does this heroic job remarkable well…Though people often think of the stomach a finicky, delicate organ, it is actually so rugged it can tolerate virtually anything that is not downright poison-our or corrosive”.

Doctor Bieler does not oppose completely meat, fat, egg, fish,,,. He know that eat balanced food is best solution to live healthy. But once we got sick, disease, means we have had a wrong diet, and wrong living style for long time, then we should fix our body to go back to a normal condition, then we can eat balanced food again as usual: meat, fat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cabrs,,,.///