Serious mistakes made by the World Health Organization-WHO-in handling the COVID19 pandemic

W.Minh Tuan

Currently, in 2023, the situation of corona COVID19 seems to be gradually stabilizing, most of the world has given up wearing masks, except poor Japan.

Although a study in Japan in early 2023 confirmed that the wearing of masks, and the increase or decrease of corona situation have absolutely nothing to do with each other, that is, an indirect way of saying that masks have no effect at all in the prevention of corona, but Japanese people are still wearing masks the most in the world, although the Japanese government does not require it, and even, the Japanese government and schools always advise people and students do not need to wear a mask, but most Japanese students and Japanese people, old people still wear masks, despite the scorching heat in the summer of 2023.

What a way to commit suicide of wearing masks in the scorching heat air.

The Japanese are pitiful.

In fact, the corona situation seems to be stabilizing gradually, not because of vaccines, or masks, or social distancing, or Stay Home, but because people’s natural immunity is gradually increasing to fight against corona.

Without vaccines, people’s ability to self-immunity and self-heal will also increase.

And really, all vaccines just make the natural immunity of people hindered, destroyed.

In combating COVID19, humans have been and will have to fight 4 artificial enemies, only 1 real natural enemy:

The first enemy is a vaccine, created by WHO and human being themself, not made by COVID19, it is both a weak corona virus, or in other words, a vaccine is like a corona virus, but is harmless, as vaccine experts say.

Health experts and WHO say vaccines are harmless is a shameless lie, because so many people who vaccinated have died, or gone crazy, suffering from other very dangerous complications and consequences.

Furthermore, all vaccines contain harmful preservatives, stabilizers, and toxins such as mercury. Go to the website of the World Health Organization WHO to see how they explain the vaccine manufacturing process:

In all vaccines there is a Preservative, which is prohibited in foods, and a Stabilizer, which is also a preservative, which is allowed only in a limited number of categories of foods, such as fresh Vinamilk milk -no Stabilizers, and Pasteurized milk – with stabilizers. Any Vinamilk milk seller in Vietnam also advises people to buy fresh Vinamilk milk, and Sterilized milk with stabilizer is up to the customer to choose.

In addition, in all vaccines, there are some other toxic substances such as mercury,,,. That’s why many people who get vaccinated have died, or if not died, near death, or with unforeseen long-term consequences after the vaccine.

The second enemy is masks, created by WHO and people themselves, not by COVID19.

The mask is actually a mobile COVID19 germ center, worn right into your mouth and nose. Only after wearing the mask for about 15 minutes, the mask started to smell bad, stinky. But WHO only advises people to wash their hands, not masks.

That was the WHO’s dumbest mistake.

The third enemy is stay home, also created by humans and WHO, it keeps people from going outdoors to practice sports, not sunbathing, not breathing fresh air, no contact with friends, colleagues, and relatives, causing stress, and damaging people’s physical and mental health.

Staying at home within 4 walls, breathing the air of the air conditioner, makes people isolated, can’t contact friends, colleagues, family, makes people’s spirit depressed, stressed. Indoor air is polluted, stinky, toxic, people who stay indoor for long time will experience the nervous system, deteriorated health,  and health is destroyed because of WHO stay home stupid advice.

-Fourth, social distancing, also created by WHO and humans, destroys all socio-economic activities, it prevents people from contacting each other, helping each other. It destroys all social relationships, it destroys all production-business development, it is the destruction to the root of all material foundations of society. It brings humanity to the Apocalypse.

But until now, WHO has no opinion of admitting mistakes, not apologizing to the people of the world for that wrong advice that destroys humanity.

-and the fifth, last, is the corona enemy itself.

If people don’t get vaccinated, don’t wear masks, don’t stay home, don’t social distance, then people only have to fight with one enemy, is corona COVID19.

But since man has to fight 5 enemies at the same time, but 4 enemies are man-made, caused by WHO, because of man’s own stupidity, and because of WHO’s stupidity, so the fight against corona is prolonged, and corona variants develop unpredictably.

In my opinion, the World Health Organization should be abolished, the stupid doctor should be removed, the WHO Director Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus should be removed, and sacked Mr. Ryan, Executive Director of WHO.

WHO has 75,000 employees worldwide, just doing the silly job of collecting disease data all over the world, a waste of the world’s taxpayers’ money contributing to this useless WHO organization.