Sometime, America has no justice

W.Minh Tuan

I have always admired America as the most free and democratic country in the world. They are the richest in the world, they have the most Nobel laureates in the world, they have some of the biggest companies in the world, they have the most prestigious universities in the world, their per capita income of American citizens are also near the tallest in the world.

But gradually I realized that America was not quite as great as I had thought.

The United States is the country with the nearly most crime in the world, and especially, has the highest rate of people being beaten to death by the police, just behind a few backward and underdeveloped countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

America is rich, but the state of their prisons is almost as bad as prisons in other less democratic and less free countries.

America is rich, but the number of poor Americans who cannot earn $100 a day is increasing.

It is very simple that the freedom to use guns is a major cause of crime, violence, and murder, but Americans can’t get rid of this monstrous gun freedom.

It can be said that the right of freedom-democracy in the US is an excessive freedom-democracy, it is too much more than necessary, it becomes a kind of “his stick that hits him on his back”, it harms the interests of Americans itself.

Both US President Bill Clinton, and President Obama, and many other US presidents want to abolish this freedom to use guns, but can’t.

What a bizarre libertarian-democratic right in US?

Liberal-democracy in America has been rotten, distorted, and is harming America itself, and although many Americans want to change it, but they can’t.

It can be said that the excessive freedom-democracy in America has been cancerous, has metastasized, developed into uncontrollable, and is beyond America’s control, it is corrupting the whole American society, and Americans only know to look at it, but can’t do anything to change it.

And now, the handling of the Boeing 737 MAX crash is yet another demonstration of the corruption of justice in free, democratic of the United State of America.

In 2019, there were 2 plane crashes, caused by Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, both due to technical errors of these aircrafts, killing 346 people, including the entire crew.

The Boeing Company has designed the new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, with an automatic control system that the pilot cannot control by himself in the event of a problem, because all operations of the aircraft have been automated.

But these automatic functions and automatic equipment of the Boeing 737 MAX have serious flaws, it makes these 2 crashed planes suddenly head-down while in flight, heading down to the ground.

The pilots wanted to control the planes to make plane head-up, but cannot.

As a result, the two planes crashed after takeoff, killing all crew and passengers.

The black boxes in these two planes have clarified the cause of the crashes of these two planes, it has recorded the panicked conversations of the pilots, when they tried to raise the plane’s head, only to five seconds later, the plane head-down again, dropped to the ground again.

But now, on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the US Department of Justice has concluded that there is nothing wrong with Boing company, and not criminally handled, but only administratively handled. Boing only has to pay compensation to the victims, and pay a fine.

The most important criminal liability of Boeing executives is that they knowingly deceived, concealed a series of specifications of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft when they submitted their application for permission to operate and sell to the market to the regulator, for the Boeing aircraft’s approval.

That is the most serious problem.

If Boing did not conceal any information about the Boeing 737 MAX plane when applying for clearance, and then the plane crashed, Boing’s fault would be lighter, and the families of the victims would sympathize for leadership Boing.

But it’s not like that.

Boeing lied to the US government, cheated the US aviation censorship agency.

But now, the US Department of Justice has agreed with Boing’s wrongdoing, allowing Boing to be exempt from criminal liability, only to be held administratively responsible.

It’s like a murderer who pays the victim’s family, then gets out of prison, gets acquitted, go free.

Then what is justice?

So I have America’s justice poem:

“Where is justice in America?

America’s justice is on the top of the dollar.

The poor will become ghosts,

The rich American people will slowly back to their villas.”///