Please send this letter to the President of Ukraine Zelensky-fighting on the battlefield, not on the diplomat table

W.Minh Tuan

Dear Mr. President of Ukraine Zelensky.

Your Ukrainian army has announced that after your Ukrainian side lost Bakhmut province to Russian troops – Wager mercenaries – in early April 2023, the Ukrainian army is starting a general counter-offensive, and is achieving small successes, and that the Russian army is showing signs of failure step by step!!!.

In fact, the results of Your Ukrainian counter-attack were very slow, limited, and often “empty drums making loud noises”, with few results, but with loud boasting.

The fighting strength of Your Ukrainian army is still mainly based on American and Western weapons, not mainly on the bravery, ingenuity, know how to fight, and dare to fight of Your Ukraine soldiers and commander on the battlefield.

I see that Your Ukrainian army is still mainly fighting on YouTube, Facebook, on the internet, and the actual combat on the battlefield is very limited.

Yet Mr. Ukrainian President Zelensky still travels abroad too much, in the style of Shuttle Diplomacy, to win the support of the world.

Indeed, Mr. President Zelensky did not need to do that. The whole peace-loving world is supporting Your Ukraine, no need for Your Excellency Zelensky

to travel to other countries, the peace-loving world will still support You and the Ukrainian people.

The world needs Mr. Zelensky to focus on directing war, fighting, and winning within Ukraine, on the battlefields, not toasting Mr. Zelensky at foreign hotels, at conferences in the distant foreign countries.

Every victory of Your Ukrainian army against the Russian invaders, is getting the support of the whole world.

But each defeat of Your Ukrainian army made the whole world hesitate, not daring to boldly support Your Ukraine.

Because the obvious truth of history is that people often support the strong side, not the defeated side.

Even if the prosperous side is the wrong side, the aggressor, but if that wrong side wins, then the victor will write their own history, and the whole world must accept this tragedy true.

As for the right side, the invaded side, even though the whole world has mercy, sympathy and support, but if they lose the battle and disappear on the historical map, the world can only drop the eye-drops, but can no longer support the losing side.

That is the obvious truth, the harsh truth in all historical events.

How many peoples and countries have disappeared on the historical map, just because of losing the battle, just because of cowardice, just because of playfulness, just because of making serious strategic mistakes.

Therefore, Mr. President of Ukraine Zelensky, please do not be too preoccupied with your diplomatic trips abroad, but must focus on directing the fighting within your own Ukraine territory.

In Vietnam’s experience, during the Vietnam War 1954-1975 against the intervention of the Americans and allies, President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam hardly went abroad, but only stayed in the country to direct the war.

And each victory of the Vietnamese communists over the Americans made the whole world, and even the Americans, increase their support for Vietnam.

And each loss of Vietnam makes the whole world stop listening, not daring to express public support for Vietnam.

Please, President Zelensky of Ukraine, remember that once your army loses the battle, once the Russian flag flutters everywhere in your Ukraine territory, the peace-loving world will also take off its hats of silence only.

No more.

Well, they don’t dare to support You anymore.

Please, President Zelensky, do not rely too much on Western weapons.

Although modern, a lot and powerful weapons, weapons cannot replace brave Ukrainian soldiers, which are clever, brave, determined, dare to fight and know how to fight.

I look at the video clips of your Ukrainian soldiers’ battles, I see that they waste too much ammunition, they shoot birds, shoot trees, shoot clouds, shoot wind, and shoot directly at the troops of Russia’s enemies are too few.

If your Ukrainian soldiers keep fighting like “shooting birds, shooting wind, shooting clouds, shooting rivers, shooting mountains”, the entire defense industry of the world cannot produce enough ammunition and weapons to supply your Ukrainian army.

Your Ukrainian army using weapons, ammunition is very wasteful, low efficiency, high cost.

Looking at the video clips, I see your Ukrainian army firing thousands of bullets, but have not seen any destruction of the enemy.

What a waste of ammunition.

During the Vietnam War, in the Vietnamese communist army, for each cannon, if a gunner fired up to 3 times without hitting the target, he was classified as a poor shooter, and was replaced by other gunners shootting better.

With each AK47 gun, only a few bullets must destroy an enemy, do not shoot birds, shoot clouds, or shoot the wind indiscriminately.

During the Vietnam War, the communist Vietnamese army used weapons and ammunition very effectively, very thrifty, considers guns to be blood and bones, protects guns like protecting his life.

Mr. President of Ukraine Zelensky, if your government is constantly begging for weapons from countries around the world, it will create a mentality of dependence on weapons in your Ukrainian army.

And that was a disaster.

No weapon can replace the ingenuity and courage of Ukrainian soldiers and commanders on the battlefield.

During the Vietnam War, if Vietnam had not shot down 15 B52 strategic aircrafts by the end of 1972, the Americans would not have signed the Paris Peace Agreement in January 1973.

If the Ukrainians do not regain Bakhmut, if the Ukrainians do not defeat the invaders on the battlefield, then the Russian side will not sit down to negotiate in favor of Ukraine.

Wars are decided on the battlefield, not at the diplomatic table. ///