Drugs called Cures medicines can do you more harm than you think

Enjoy outdoor is more healthy

W.Minh Tuan

I have a friend who is Japanese, he has 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. The boy is very healthy, smiling, active, intelligent. All my friend’s family have come to my house many times, they are very interested.

One day, my friend said because his son was hyperactive and overactive, so he took him to the hospital to check, then the doctor gave him medicine, told him to take medicine every day to be quieter more.

I feel that my friend made a mistake when he took his son to the hospital, and even more wrong when he let his son take medicine.

Now, ten years have passed, meaning 10 years of taking medicine, his boy has become sick boy, abnormal boy, psychotic boy, no longer going to school, boy at home and needing mother’s care. And worse than that, his wife with this sick son, also became a woman suffering, sad because her son suddenly became depressed, nervous because he had to take anti-hyperactivity drugs, and the mother now also has to take antidepressants, and both mother and son’s problems are getting worse.

Recently I called my friend to invite his whole family to my house as before, but he refused because his wife and son were sick and couldn’t go anywhere.

I think drugs and stupid doctors destroyed mother and his son.

Now I read a book titled “Your Drugs Could Be Your Problem”, written by Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. David Cohen.

These 2 American doctors said:

At 2004 public hearings, the FDA – Food and Drug Administration – presented re-evaluations of clinical studies of antidepressants in children and adolescents under 18 years of age. , noted that the risk of suicide was doubled in children taking antidepressants compared with children taking placebos .”

I have 2 sons, they are very active, they are always fighting with me, joking, laughing, talking, playing, running, jumping, playing, but I never consider my children to be too hyperactive, need to take medicine.

Vibrant, strong and active children are good, healthy, and mentally strong children.

Regarding the above book, it is very interesting that “The FDA announced new mandatory labeling for all antidepressants on January 26, 2005, including a black box titled “Suicide in the United States”.

That means anyone looking to buy and use these antidepressants should know that they can lead their children to suicide.

And not only suicide, but these antidepressants also have very dangerous side effects: it makes the person taking the drug anxiety, agitation, panic, insomnia, irritability, aggression, impulsiveness copper, restlessness-psychomotor.

I wonder why the FDA still allows these harmful drugs to be sold?

Dr. Russell Blaylock MD, writing in the book “Secrets of Health and Nutrition,” says:

It is interesting to note that in almost all school shootings, the children responsible for the violence were taking the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor SSRI, which is known to be side effects of suicide and murder”.

Again I wonder why FDA, US Government still allows the sale of these harmful drugs?

And now I’m reading a book titled Death By Modern Medicines by Dr. Carolyn Dean, for the first time in my life I know a word in English: IATROGENIC DEATH- means death related to illness caused by medical examination and treatment.

So, iatrogenic – a disease caused by medical check, or caused by bad doctors – is a phenomenon of drug and doctor and hospital failure worldwide.

Be careful with your intention to see a doctor.

They can be harmful to you, not help you.

Get exercise, eat a balanced diet, have a good laugh, be socially active, be healthy, live outdoors, be exposed to the environment, to the sun, breathe in the fresh outdoor air.

Don’t always go to the doctor, don’t lock yourself in a closed house with air conditioners, computers, and iphones, it will destroy you.///